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    We are passionate about our coffee, our community and our farmers.

    Fundraiser Coffee:

    Same great coffee, new great purpose!

    Fundraising: Discover the power of coffee!

    Churches, schools, community organizations, sports clubs and service organizations can now use the power and appeal of coffee to help raise funds for their cause.
    Because we do in-house packaging and labeling, groups can design their own labels; taking ownership and pride in their endeavors to support their cause.
    Special pricing is available, as well as assistance in designing your campaign. Perfect product for long-term, ongoing revenue generation.
    Contact us today to see what our fundraiser coffee can do for you.

    Roasted in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.

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    Initially, we started Chickadee Coffee Roasters to supply locally roasted coffee to our friends and neighbors.

    Currently we roast and service discerning communities within a 150 mile radius and continues to grow.

    Our coffee is from a transparent supply chain which we insist meet our standards of sustainable farming and fair labor practices.

    Welcome to our site. This is a work in progress.

    Our newly expanded online store with shopping cart for internet purchases is now available.

    Thank you for your patience as we continue to build and edit our site.

    Commercial and Wholesale Pricing Now Available!

    We are happy to announce that we can offer coffee shops, restaurants, cafe's, hospitals, schools, grocery stores, food co-ops and more the opportunity to join us on our journey by offering commercial accounts and wholesale pricing.

    Our promise to you is that every bag of commercial coffee we produce will be roasted using the same beans, work ethic, integrity and methodology as any of our other specialty coffee products.

    Some would take a step down in green quality to roast the blends and/ or to produce in bulk. WE REFUSE! Our coffee, YOUR coffee will be the same specialty grade coffee that we use in our own restaurant. That's our promise to you!

    We support homeschool families.

    We endeavor to create opportunities for young people to learn about things that aid in the development of a global awareness.

    Workshops, demos and presentations are available. Time and space is limited so call today for more information!

    Darkwing dark roast coffee is our biggest seller. Discover yourself again for the first time.

    Coffee has flavor. Join the revolution!

    We believe a dark roast coffee should have as much complexity as any other offering a roaster has. The degree of roast should be intentional to develop specific flavor notes in the cup.
    Help us change the conversation of dark roast coffees. Its not about smoke, campfire, tree bark or earthen flavors - let's talk about the dynamics of the smokey notes accentuating inherent flavors.

    Come see us in our little corner of the world at Roasted Pub and Eatery. 815 Washington Ave, Detroit Lakes MN!

    Our logo is a reminder that even the smallest of creatures can do the greatest of things. We want our brand to be associated with knowledge, environmental stewardship, philanthropy, artistry and above all, integrity.

    One of our goals is to raise awareness of the supply chain - in particular how the economics of western culture affects producers on the farm.

    Understanding why we should be okay with paying a few cents more for coffee - from importer, to roaster, to coffee technician, to consumer - is the first step in assuring the sustainability of a strained supply chain that has largely been taken for granted.

    Coffee has flavor... Join the revolution!

    Everything we do from networking, sourcing, roasting, packaging, grinding and brewing is focused on one thing: FLAVOR!

    We strive to maximize the inherent characteristics of the bean by the use of integral practices throughout the entire production process.

    You're welcome! :)

    This Person Is Part of the Revolution! Meet Kajsa~

    Hello! I'm Kajsa Vave aka 'The Coffee Girl'

    If you have ever attended the Detroit Lakes, Vergas or Park Rapids Farmers Market you have probably met me! I am in charge of marketing, managing farmer's markets and packing and shipping online orders. I love watching this business grow, and meeting all the amazing people who are just as fanatic about our coffee as this overly-caffeinated girl.

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    Colombia Regional Select Organic Decaf
    4.99 - 59.99
    Guatemala Huehuetenango
    4.99 - 59.99
    Darkwing Dark Roast
    4.99 - 62.99
    Little Wing Morning Blend
    4.99 - 58.99
    Ethiopia Natural Process Guji
    4.99 - 62.99
    4.99 - 59.99
    Ethiopia Washed Process Yirgacheffe
    4.99 - 62.99
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    come grab a bite at our little corner. Roasted Pub and Eatery, 815 Washington Ave, Detroit Lakes MN